Redfish, bluefish, no fish: Climate change threatens traditional fishing waters

The chances of climate change causing significant disruption to saltwater fisheries are pretty high, according to a NOAA Fisheries climate vulnerability assessment that’s on its way to finalization.

All of the species examined, except for the Atlantic sturgeon, are at a very high level of exposure to elements of climate change, and many have a high sensitivity to those changes, like the gag grouper, goliath grouper, horseshoe crab, and each of the brown, pink and white shrimp species.

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3 thoughts on “Redfish, bluefish, no fish: Climate change threatens traditional fishing waters

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  2. Climate change and rising sea temperatures – appears that they’re getting to the once most dependable, human food-fish staple in the north Atlantic – Cod.

    Faroe Islands (together with Greenland)….where a lot of Europe’s Atlantic salmon used to go to feed then return to its rivers in amazing (though not at the time), “How do they do it…?!” (never thought or said) numbers.

    In the Guardian, Nov. 27th ’23.

  3. Consider this a next day Faroe Islands PS

    My word, we must-do that /go there and get the T-shirt (or the hot new fish plus a shitload of pics) bucketlisters have a way of messing things and places up.

    More Faroes in the Guardian 29th Nov.

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