Carl Hiaasen | Mill House Podcast – Episode 88

In 1953, Carl Hiaasen was born in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. A period of time when kids could hang out in wooded areas chasing things that kids chase. Many days were spent on bikes with fishing rods, well before the boom of growth. Their fun house would soon be transformed into parking lots and buildings, a solid reason for his irreverent thoughts. He and his best friend, Bob Branham, soon learned how to navigate around Biscayne Bay chasing their beloved bonefish. “Carl always wrote,” said Bob, and would test those waters with a newsletter in school. His classmates liked it and the fire was lit. Throughout his career he became a prolific author and journalist. With thirty one books and forty six years at the Miami Herald, he’d see it all as a writer. He’d amass numerous awards for both skills sets. Two of his books, Hoot and Strip Tease, became movies and Bad Monkey is now being adapted into a series for Apple TV.

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