Colorado Supreme Court Rules Against Public Water Access

Photo: Roger Hill

The Colorado Supreme Court has ended a long river access dispute by ruling a fisherman has no standing in a right-to-wade argument.
Roger Hill sued a landowner, arguing that the Arkansas River was navigable at statehood in 1876 and the riverbed was public property open for wading anglers. The court ruled Hill had no legal standing to argue the state’s rivers were public property.

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One thought on “Colorado Supreme Court Rules Against Public Water Access

  1. I was wondering, guys …. where are the kids from, say, Colorado Youth Outdoors going to fish with their newly donated fly rods….?

    We have the same “problem” here in Britain, but tend to Direct Angling-interested youngsters to grossly overstocked, “You fish HERE by OUR rules and with our packaged baits and just be glad / grateful that you can.”, pay-for-play, real wild inconvenient nature kept well at bay, mostly kamikaze carp, ponds with on-site bait and tackle stores and toilet facilities.

    “Hell!” said Mr Castwell.

    “Yes,” said his keeper.

    Apologies for being such a killjoy, chaps, but I started fishing in a much-earlier time, when the challenges were just as many, but altogether different, and an absolute joy when you eventually solved some of them……

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