Fishing outfitters’ urgent appeal to Gianforte receives no reply

Moe, Larry and Curley

More than 30 fishing outfitters and guides plying southwest Montana’s renowned trout streams recently penned an impassioned letter to Gov. Greg Gianforte, seeking “immediate assistance” for a situation described as dire.

And heard nothing in response.

The outfitters’ letter, dated May 30, noted FWP has determined trout populations have reached historic lows in the Big Hole River and elsewhere in the region.

LINK (via Montana Standard)

One thought on “Fishing outfitters’ urgent appeal to Gianforte receives no reply

  1. Elections have consequences….perhaps the people of Montana will stop listening to the fear mongering tactics of the GOP and realize that Jersey Greg Gianforte, Steve “L.A.” Daines and Maryland Matt Rosendale have never had the average Montana citizen’s best interest in mind.
    Wake the f*ck up before it’s too late

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