Wild fish stocks squandered to feed farmed salmon

Shoppers’ appetite for salmon is causing millions of tonnes of nutritious mackerel, sardines, and anchovies to be wasted as fish feed, according to new research.

They say removing wild-caught fish from aquaculture feed production and diverting them to human consumption, and farming more carp and fewer salmon, could increase global seafood production by 6.1m tons while leaving 3.7m tons of fish in the sea.

LINK (via The Guardian )

One thought on “Wild fish stocks squandered to feed farmed salmon

  1. Gratuitous corny old sayings reprise:

    “No such thing as a free lunch.”

    “This thing could come back and bite us.”

    Returns to his early-season Welsh rivers (now largely salmon-free) trout patterns (dries, nymphs, emergers and beads from brass light to Led Zep Heavy) flytying (as if I need any more the damned things… ).

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