Welcome to Jurassic Park

Photo: Matthew Trump (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Blue Valley Ranch is seeking Colorado environmental regulators’ permission to inject the Blue River with phosphorus, a chemical regulated as a pollutant, on an 8-mile stretch of the river that locals refer to as Jurassic Park.

The theory behind the project is that the river’s lack of phosphorus may be preventing the growth of periphyton, an algae eaten by aquatic insects that biologists say are “sparse” in the river.

LINK (via: Summit Daily)

One thought on “Welcome to Jurassic Park

  1. “This river doesn’t live up to / perform to my expectations, so, as its God-Like Being Landowner, I have every right to fashion it in my own cretinous, bottom-line image.”

    We get the same here in Britain –

    “My Atlantic salmon river is a pale shade of what it once was [er, why…?], so I am going to stock the living fark out of the damned thing until it gives me what I want…”

    Ho hum.

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