Trump’s Sellout of American Heritage

Timothy Egan with the grim reality of Trump’s war on the planet and public health.

So, that’s politics, right? To the victor go the spoils. He’s simply rolling back onerous regulations, as promised, and sticking it to the global elites on climate change. Well, no.

Your party affiliation will not protect you from the chemicals sprayed on strawberries — shown to cause brain damage to children — which Trump will allow to remain in the food chain. Living in a red state will not keep warming oceans from rising ever higher when the latest 500-year storm hits your region. Being a Trump supporter does not protect your favorite stream from the toxic discharge of a power plant into a public waterway.

All of the above are potential consequences of more than 50 environmental rules that Trump has tried to kill since he took office.

LINK (via: NY Times)

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