To The Journey’s End: The Lifecycle of the Atlantic Salmon

Possibly for the first time, the life-long struggle of the Atlantic salmon has been documented on film from the North East of Scotland.

Concluding a 7-year, self-funded project, supported by the Boards and Trusts of the rivers of the North East of Scotland, Aberdeenshire-based filmmaker Bernard Martin launched To The Journey’s End at Macduff Marine Aquarium on Thursday 13th April 2017. Intended as an educational resource, it is hoped that schools and colleges across the North East will use the film as a valuable learning tool to inspire local students to think about the conservation of the species.

To The Journey’s End documents the desperate voyage of the Atlantic salmon from the ocean to river and back again, driven by the desire to reproduce. The film opens on the rugged North East coastline. It’s spring and tens of thousands of seabirds have come ashore to breed. Out at sea, another great migration is also taking place – Atlantic salmon are traveling the long distance back home to breed in their native rivers in the North East of Scotland.

To The Journey’s End follows this dangerous journey; along the way, Atlantic salmon are attacked at the coast by dolphins and seals as we follow them through the estuary into the main stem of the river where they face yet another predator – humans.

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