2 thoughts on “This Drain Pipe Was Loaded With Tarpon

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  2. Last week after a load of laundry there was water all over my (basement) laundry room floor. Initially we thought (hoped) it may be the laundry pipe that was clogged. My husband snaked it and nothing came out, Thursday it overflowed again, this time from running water in the (upstairs) bathroom sink. We don’t have a relationship with a plumber or plumbing company, but we do with a septic company, so Friday I called them first. They sent a tech out, who looked at the septic pump access and the outdoor sewer pipe access. He then called a guy to come scope the line. Basically, the septic is at the end of its life but there was no clog, we need to start thinking of having it replaced. Great. They couldn’t scope towards/under the house because they aren’t licensed for that. Sweet. $380. I then call a plumbing company the septic guys recommended. They send a plumber out at 5pm on Friday. He scopes to the basement bathroom toilet, and I watch while he does it. The bottom of the drain pipe is basically gone, it’s just not there anymore. He said it was cast iron but I didn’t see any evidence of cast iron at all, it all looked like cement and rocks to me.

    He snaked the laundry pipe and says it’s unclogged now but we need to replace the drain pipe. I paid him $480 for the visit and he quoted $14,500 to replace the pipe – and tear up our brand new basement floor.

    Meanwhile, I give my kids a bath and the bath water drains all over the floor out of the laundry pipe. I went to bed and this morning the pipe had drained so it is draining, just very slowly and the amount of water from the bath was too much.

    We haven’t used the water aside from my son accidentally flushing after peeing, there was no overflow from that.

    We’re trying to hold out until we can get a couple more estimates Monday or Tuesday because I feel like this guy kind of has us bent over and we’re at his mercy since we need the drain fixed and need to use water (2 small kids and all of us are home all day due to the pandemic).

    We have no where to go because we won’t put our parents or other loved ones at risk, so we’d like to get this done as soon as possible. However, the thought of $14k on this and then having to connect to city sewer soon (because of aforementioned pending septic failure) is overwhelming cost-wise.

    Has anyone had their sewer drainage pipe replaced? Ballpark cost? Did they trench or did they do the liner? Any thoughts on what is better?

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