Issue #39

“Dirty, dogged, bullet-shaped fighters that have a lot of stamina” was how Jako Lucas described trachinotus africanus, aka “the 4th permit”. In the lead-up to the release of the film 4 of a kind about their Oman trip, we chatted to Jako and Oliver White about africanus permit, their weird fighting style, their unique grazing habits, and their infatuation with Stu Webb’s fly, Russel the Love Mussel.

That and much more in Issue #39

One thought on “Issue #39

  1. My morning fishing has been a show. Had 5 trout get off. Battling wind that changes directions every time theres a gust. Then my rodtip broke, orvis’ replacements are hardly free. And to top it all off, I broke one of me propeller blades off of my pedal drive.

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