We all know the feeling that we get when the bitter cold temperatures wane. The snow and dreary days are replaced with the first sprigs of green and warm, sunny afternoons. This is the time when our quarry moves from their wintering holes, and take up residence in the shallower feeding grounds; the beginning of the most popular time in the Ozarks to pursue our native fish, the mighty smallmouth bass.

You will get no argument from me that early spring to mid-summer is “prime time” to chase smallies on the fly. The aggressive takes on a properly placed popper or that unmistakable swirl on a baitfish pattern followed by a deep rod-bending fight, are only a few of the things that make summertime bass fishing what it is.

However there are some downfalls to this “prime time” fishing. Here in the Ozarks, the almost unbearable heat and humidity of mid-summer combined with the prolific aluminum hatches force us to creatively plan out our fishing days. To get our fix, we have to be on the river at dawn and be off by 10 AM or start late in the afternoon and fish until dark. It’s all part of the game we play to get our shots at these incredible fish.

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