The Babine for just a Benjamin


Want to spend a week swinging flies for monster steelhead on the Babine, one of the best steelhead rivers in the world, for the ridiculously low price of 100 bucks? Well, the Native Fish Society has a way to make that happen. What’s the catch you ask?

The Babine Steelhead Lodge and Epic Waters have donated a prime week on this incredible river for 1 angler to support the work of the Native Fish Society. The Native Fish Society is selling 100 tickets at $100 each. They’ll draw the winner on July 1st and that lucky SOB will get to spend the week of October 15-22 chasing 20+ pounders on the Babine. And for those unfortunate souls who don’t win, they can sleep easy knowing their 100 dollars are going to support the Native Fish Society’s work to restore wild salmon and steelhead populations.

In case that’s not motivation enough, you should know that there are more 20+ pound wild steelhead on the Babine River than any other river in the world! That’s right, more than any other river in the whole darn WORLD!

To buy your tickets call (503) 344-4218.

Link (via Native Fish Society)

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