Fishstarter: Motionless – The Great Pacific Garbage Cluster

Cold Collaborative and Frank Smethurst have teamed up to produce Motionless, a film that will explore the core issues of how we have allowed the Pacific Ocean garbage clusters to evolve to their current state and what we can do to solve the problem. And they are turning to Kickstarter in hopes that you can help make the project happen.

The film will be an adventure that follows world class angler Frank Smethurst and a few counterparts as they traverse the Pacific targeting different species of salt water fish by fly and conventional gear. Along they way, they will meet with published scientists stationed across the Pacific who are well-versed in the issues the film covers. Some locations will include California, Midway Island, Hawaii, and a 2-week journey by sailboat with master divers and researchers out to the Great Pacific Garbage Cluster.

Link (via Kickstarter)

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