TBT: The Essence Of Fly Casting II

Courtesy of the Wayback Machine comes this Mel Krieger instructional video for intermediate and advanced flycasters featuring distance casting, the bio mechanical of good form, fly rod action, application of power and distance roll casting with both the single and the two handed fly rod.
Guest appearances include world champion flycaster Steve Rajeff, flyfishing experts Jim Green, Mike Lawson and John Goddard, and Dr. Anthony Stellar, president of Bio-Kinetics, Inc.

One thought on “TBT: The Essence Of Fly Casting II

  1. All I can say is that to spend just a few minutes in the ever-enthusiastic irrepressible Mel’s company was a delight. I spent a couple of days fishing with him twenty-odd years ago and had a blast – neither of us, we very soon discovered, took our extremely fishing seriously over-seriously and spent a good many both on- and off-river moments giggling or doubled over with laughter. I showed him how to catch huge Southern Hemisphere sea-trout on then little-uswed nymphs, spiders and small, floating line-fished flies, he showed me how to cast them half-decently. Good guy.

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