Taking Back Puget Sound

Skyla and Weston Tomine, show their spirited opposition to Cooke Aquaculture’s net-pen Atlantic salmon farms in the waters of Puget Sound, just off Washington State’s Bainbridge Island. Photo: Ben Moon

Dylan Tomine lays out the threat of Puget Sound’s net opens, the fight to get them out, and a bold new plan to take back our public water.

Industrial net-pen salmon farms in Puget Sound are pushing endangered wild salmon—and the dwindling southern resident killer whales that depend on them—closer to extinction.

Net-pen salmon farms are marine feedlots where large numbers of domesticated food fish are raised for profit. The fish are concentrated in nets suspended from structures anchored to the seafloor, where they are fed high-fat pellets to encourage rapid growth. They are operated at comparatively low cost because the owners rely on public waters to carry
away waste.

Now there’s a bold new plan created by Wild Fish Conservancy to kick net-pen salmon farms out of Puget Sound for good.  The plan? Lease the net-pen locations out from under Cooke Aquaculture, which owns
the salmon farms in Puget Sound, evict them and restore the habitat.

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You can also TAKE ACTION HERE.

One thought on “Taking Back Puget Sound

  1. Take it back fast, Pugeters – take a look at what’s just happened in Scotland: one of our salmon farms is missing….


    Dinosaurs , eh…?

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