Support Your Local Fly Shop


This year we are kicking off the Fly Fishing Film Tour virtually and we are still working with over 100 Fly Shops and 250 non-profit organizations around the country. You can save $5.00 on a ticket, automatically enter into a $10,000 raffle from Costa, Yeti, and Simms. You can also take home a free F3T hat or buff. All you need to do is buy something in the shop and then scan the unique QR code. To find a local shop near you visit the map on our website.

The free raffle starts out at $85,000 for any ticket holder. If you get to a fly shop you can spend $15.00 to be entered into $95,000 worth of prizes, free F3T swag the films and you get to some good in the world by supporting local business.

Thanks for supporting your local fly shop and enjoy the show!

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