Sunday Toona: Laughing Edition

David Crosby’s debut solo album, “If I Could Only Remember My Name” is a one-shot wonder of dreamy but ominous California ambiance. The songs range from brief snapshots of inspiration (the angelic chorale-vocal showcase on “Orleans” and the a cappella closer, “I’d Swear There Was Somebody Here”) to the full-blown, rambling western epic “Cowboy Movie,” and there are absolutely no false notes struck or missteps taken.

The song “Laughing” was, in Crosby’s words, “Written to and for GEORGE HARRISON about the MAHARISHI, and telling him that nobody’s really got the answer.” Another soothing and hypnotic listen, with some lovely backing vocals by Joni, and heavenly pedal steel by JERRY GARCÍA.

One thought on “Sunday Toona: Laughing Edition

  1. Now, here’s a David Crosby song (co-written and sung with Graham Nash) that went right round the world in 1975, influenced a lot of people and really made a difference – Wind on the Water (full album of same name, with another stand-out track, Carry Me, is pretty good, too)

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