2 thoughts on “Sunday Toona: I’m All Sixes and Sevens and Nines Edition

  1. I believe that I told you fellas here a while back that I once had what turned out to bew a highly unwise, mid-1970s summer afternoon outdoor pint of beer or three (with accompanying huge vodkas) after bumping into the man pictured above, right. Not far from that Anglo-Saxons v Vikings river island enccounter I mentioned here the other day, by the way. Just as well, I realise now, that Ronnie wasn’t drinking with the man pictured on his photographic left, though. Something I saw yesterday about Ronnie now.


  2. I blame this on Keith, you know……..


    Been a lot of very fast-talking super-geared-up fishers who clearly had stopped making sense some time back on a lot rivers, both domestic and destination abroad, over the past 25 years or so, too…..

    I wonder….,?

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