Chumion: Cast for show catch for dough?

In an effort to make this weekend’s Spey O Rama casting competition more interesting the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club has stocked the clubs hallowed casting ponds with rainbow trout. According to an unnamed club spokesman, we all know these competitors can outcast the average Joe but can they actually catch fish? In the newly revised format, competitors will get bonus length added to their casts for every fish they land and safely release back into the ponds.

One thought on “Chumion: Cast for show catch for dough?

  1. This worked well until the unlucky competitor from Borgovia hooked into a dwarf bull shark created by grad students in bio engineering at SCSF and slipped into the pond amongst the official tournament fish as a joke. Counselors for post traumatic stress have been offered to spectators who witnessed the gory scene.

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