Serendipitous Su River Kings

In what turned out to be a true moment of fishing serendipity, Morgan Starks and his buddy Nathan Belz decided to make the drive down from Fairbanks to a Susitna River tributary for some king salmon fishing last week.  Unwittingly, their king salmon celebration became even more appropriate with Gov. Walker’s moves to bury the Su Dam Project.  As Morgan says, the fish they caught and saw are the greatest evidence of what we risk with these misguided projects.
Photo credit: Nathan Belz Photography

One thought on “Serendipitous Su River Kings

  1. Great story and topic to bring celebrate. But I have to say the choice of photo isn’t so great. Those fish need to stay in the water for their ogre overt and also by regulation. In the photo I see a small portion the the kings lower jaw still in contact with the water so it could be considered “not removed from the water” but it is a poor display of C&R fish handling in my opinion. Or perhaps this fish was caught in the only main stem Su trib (Deshka) that was open for retention. In that case I’m the asshole.

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