Steelhead Murder Mystery

When animals attack it can be gruesome. Nature can be cruel. What wild animal attacked this giant steelhead? Try to help Captain Quinn figure is out in this wild steelhead murder mystery. Was it a bear? A wolf? An eagle? Or was is an Otter? A Sasquatch? Any other Guesses? Whatever predator attacked this fish, the predator won in this Predator vs Prey showdown.

One thought on “Steelhead Murder Mystery

  1. I see a new TV series for the Captain in this.

    Working title, say, “Captains Quinn’s Paranormal Piscatorial Capers”.

    Season 1, Episode 1 – “Rabid Otters Ate My Wading Boots – Or Did They…?”

    Apologies, but I can’t get the title and frontcover illustration of an old Frank Zappa album out of my highly impressionable mind…

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