CHROME Buffet – GIANT Steelhead Olympic Peninsula Fishing

Buffet Series Episode 3 – Winter steelhead are super large, aggressive fish that are truly in a class of their own! . They can reach lengths over 40 inches, and some of these fish are in the 20 lbs range. The rain forest of the Olympic Peninsula is home to many rivers that feed right into the ocean. When these winter fish leave the salt and return to freshwater they are in their prime. Pure muscle that is chromed out in all it’s glory!

2 thoughts on “CHROME Buffet – GIANT Steelhead Olympic Peninsula Fishing

  1. Ugh… Douchey. The music. The bros. The drones. The hype. The product placement…. we are so fucked. Hashtag Don’t doom the spot.

  2. I totally love the video! No script necessary. The beautiful imagery, and the SOUNDS you’ve mixed, all speaks for it’s self. Was that shot at 60fps in prep for the slow-mo? Gosh, I’d love to assist on the next creative project, whatever it is. I am a creative consultant in Port Townsend. If I can be of assistance, please contact me through my website .. Would you care to go fishing sometime, to meet and greet? I’ve yet to experience steel-heading, or most of the Rivers on the oly pen. I’ve been here 3 years and still searching for my fishing buddies. Are you out there? Hope to hear from you soon. Please keep making awesome vids like this, and I’ll keep liking and sharing.

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