2 thoughts on “Rogue Steelhead 2020 COLORS

  1. Love the black Lab and the Strictly Non-Downton and -Fictional Flailing Old Hardy’s ‘n’ Statement Shoulder Pads and Coked-Up Cos I’m Worth It ‘n’ Better Try the Queen of Hearts Look Fictionalized Fantasy Eighties, Proper Steelhead Stuff that you post here, guys:– it reminds me of a time when you could dream extremely unofficial undreamed fishy (and non-fishy) dreams and realise a few of them before the heavily geared-up and super-connected copycat pack came galloping over your last but one (or three) new horizon, then start fighting over it, with ther esult that the sky, for anyone thereabouts who had previously done the fishing thing merely for quiet recreation and fun, very soon falling in. Keep the Real Stuff coming (and The Faith, as they often say in Wales), fellas.

  2. “with the result that the sky …………. very soon fell in”

    I’m sure that a number of you reading this will have had the misfortune to experience similar, and “wondered” as Robert Plant once did in Stairway To Heaven.

    Which reminds me…..

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