Days of Rivers Past and Robert Hooton

The book, “Days of Rivers Past” is loaded with stories and photos chronicling the glory days of Steelhead fishing along B.C.’s coast. The author Robert Hooton is a now-retired 37-year career biologist with the B.C. government and avid Steelhead angler and is the featured guest on The Blue Fish Radio Show. Bob explains how the start of his career was tempered with a cautionary tale by the fishing sage Roderick Haig Brown, and how it led to Bob’s carefully chronicling his angling experiences over the past 45 years. Bob shares his passion, concern, and collective wisdom that every angler needs to hear to ensure the future of fish and fishing.


One thought on “Days of Rivers Past and Robert Hooton

  1. We actually have very good, though interpretive, historical benchmarks. Core samples provide historical analysis by measuring Nitrogen and Phosphorus carried inland to enrich coastal flora and fauna. Today this transmission ends up for the most part in our toilets. Migrations are shortstopped by Sein and Gill nets to satisfy our urban appetites. Those doing the netting secure their “right” by buying politicians. Instead, some would demonize Alien Anglers as the cause in order to defend their nonsensical quest driven by Territorial Imperative.

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