Redington Hydrogen Rod Giveaway


When Redington set out to create the Hydrogen Rod, their objective was ambitious to say the least – create a super light rod with classic trout action that is both a joy and breeze to fish all day. Simply put, they succeeded. The Hydrogen is the lightest rod in its class and features the lightest weight components around, like skeletonized reel seats and single foot guides. And with its super-tuned, smooth medium-fast action, the Hydrogen is the perfect tool to deliver trout their next meal, no matter if it’s a size 22 adams or a juicy streamer.

To win a Redington Hydrogen Rod (model of your choice), enter your name and email address before 11:59 PM on April 11. Earn a bonus entry by clicking the box that will appear after submission, which authorizes the Chum to share your contact information with Redington.

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