Cold Stream – A Trout Conservation Success


Last week, ownership of 8,000 acres of Maine’s finest trout habitat transferred to the state’s Department of Conservation. Staff there will start working with their colleagues at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to develop a management plan to protect and enhance brook trout and whitetail deer habitat on the Cold Stream property, while maintaining public access and keeping most of the property in timber management.

Here’s some habitat information that speaks for itself:

  • Total acreage: 8,159
  • Miles of brook trout stream protected:  15
  • Cold Stream mainstem protected: 100 percent
  • Native brook trout ponds protected: 7
  • Last brook trout stocking in Cold Stream watershed: 1954
  • Last brook trout stocking on the protected property: 1941
  • Ponds on the property that have never been stocked: 5
  • Stocking in Cold Stream or its tributaries:  none, ever
  • Fish species present on the property:  3 — brook trout, blacknose dace, finescale dace
  • Non-native fish species present:  none

Link (via Trout Unlimited)

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