Outdoor Recreation Equals Conservation: Debunking The Myth

This is part of Mountain Journal’s ongoing series, “Enough,” that explores the intersection between humans, development, and still-wild Nature and the role of limits in saving it from destruction. This installment focuses, which has several sections, focuses on the claim that outdoor recreation equals better wildlife conservation.

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One thought on “Outdoor Recreation Equals Conservation: Debunking The Myth

  1. “I camp, therefore I am,
    I glamped, therefore it was.”

    Similar horrors happening in the “You pay Us to play, We bank the money then ‘fark’ off to fish and party faraway from ‘ghastly’ people like you” much-manicured and -marketed British ‘Wilds’.

    Let have an old Simon & Garfufunkel song … how did it go now? … Oh yes.


    Boote out.

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