Norway reveals plans for river trap system to protect wild salmon

Norway is to introduce new traps to protect wild salmon after experts warned they could become endangered as a result of contact with their farmed counterparts. The announcement comes as a Scottish report says open-pen salmon farms pose a substantial risk to the wild population.

LINK (via The Guardian)

2 thoughts on “Norway reveals plans for river trap system to protect wild salmon

  1. Meanwhile, in the now undeniably, largely salmon-less Scottish Highlands, one of Britain’s biggest and wealthiest landowners, the Duke of Westminster (as in the best districts of central London), are launching a “closing the stabledoor after the horse has bolted” restoration and research project on one of his “bits” of the Scots Highlands.

    Boote thinks to himself … “Seas and climate, dear boy … fix these and salmon will once again INFEST not only your own river but those of the rest of northern and western Britain. That’s what they once did, you see – INFEST rivers, until very recently, almost regardless of how badly a river was managed, polluted and mistreated – until we went and over-cooked the climate and created an ocean-environment tipping point around 30 years ago from which the ever-willing and super-successful Atlantic salmon could not come back, however hard it tried, however much we belatedly made our (soon to converted into a much-prettified but horse-less stable) rivers more user-fish-friendly to them. Think not worthy, little, jobs for the boys, local projects and their always inconclusive, ever-multiplying reports, think much much MUCH bigger, wider and more end-of- days RADICAL. This is what salmon (and Us, for that matter), need now, not Salmon River Report Engines and posh McJob creation schemes. Maybe fly less, consume less, stay cool (and BE cool) by making the very best of the till very recently, totally self-shot-up in one’s desire to be anywhere but the now simply awful here, less-cool and far-from pretty local etc….? It’s not rocket science, as the cliche-ridden say….”

    Boote out.

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