Meet The $70,000 Fish

In one Florida study, each bonefish was valued at $3,500 annually or more than $70,000 over the 20-year average lifespan of a bonefish—the worth derived from the median expenditure of visiting bonefish anglers. What Florida and much of the Caribbean is sitting on, then, is nothing short of a piscatorial gold mine…if they don’t sacrifice long-term sustainability for short-term profits. Fundamentally, it’s the same question facing conservation the world over.

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One thought on “Meet The $70,000 Fish

  1. Same with your Public Lands (and us Brits’ mostly private ones), fellas. The opposing Doomsday Clock and Big Bucks meters are ticking away….

    8.00pm your EST tonight –

    The British Guardian article in which I saw the above mentioned a few minutes ago –

    Either way, some things are simply beyond mere price…….

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