One thought on “IGUANA FLY FISHING

  1. I’m a hunter, trapper and outfitter. I am by no means going “all peta” on you. I am all for killing every iguana in Florida and have killed many with a pellet gun to the head. That being said, just because they are invasive does not mean that they should be harassed or taken in any way other than a quick, humane kill.
    Rainbow trout are invasive In most places that we fish for them, Midwest “steelhead” are invasive, pheasants are invasive and the list goes on. Am I opposed to killing those, absolutely not, but am i opposed to taking them in a non-humane and otherwise non-ethical manner? I am absolutely opposed to that. Feral horses in the United States are invasive. They should be culled as they are causing far far more environmental and economical damage to the country than iguanas are. Simply shooting them seems like a great idea. Roping them, confining them while still alive, taking photos with them and making a video highlighting and glorifying the harassment of them should and by all means would be viewed by all as animal abuse as should this video about iguanas.
    You are basically saying: fuck em. They are invasive, let’s treat them like Shit before we kill them and then make light of it.

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