McLaren P1 Designer Explains How He Copied a Sailish to Solve an Aero Issue

Biomimicry is when people draw inspiration from nature while creating.

The McLaren design team solved a pesky aero wind noise issue they were having with their P1 hypercar by utilizing a feature of a sailfish’s biology. The car’s designer Frank Stephenson took note of how sailfish manages turbulent flow as it swims and applied it onto the support arm for the car’s mirrors.

LINK (via: The Drive)

For reference, the P1 sells for around 2 million.

4 thoughts on “McLaren P1 Designer Explains How He Copied a Sailish to Solve an Aero Issue

  1. Cutting noise from the mirrors when at warp speed, huh?

    Jean-Luc knew….×127:1440×873/1092×614/2019/05/22/1b710a6b-5f4d-4987-a046-c23674b221a3/picard-meme-facepalm.jpg

  2. PS – The link above doesn’t work – try this Beats All Other Memes (Accept No Dr Evils, Otters, Carp etc) one:

  3. From Our Media and Future Memes Correspondent

    Who happens to be the 10-year-old (almost) grand-daughter of an old fishing pal of mine.

    This in from her via him, Jan. 2nd — Octopi / puses / pusses are likely to go HUGE after one of them, some sort of Supernatural Terror, bodily and mentally possessed Sabrina in Ep. 3 of the new Season 4 of Chilling Adventures etc. She even barfed it into a bowl, I am told. Which was both gross and really cool, her grandfather was also told.

    So that you people over there know as much as I do now over here.

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