Keep The Wild Wild


A very timely announcement from Shane Anderson and the Wild Steelhead Coalition:

Seven years ago, Shane Anderson released “Wild Reverence: The Wild Steelhead’s Last Stand.” It is a beautiful film that intertwines Anderson’s story of recovery from a devastating injury with his quest to learn more about the challenges facing wild steelhead in the home waters.

When recent emergency conservation rules were announced for Washington’s Olympic Peninsula this winter, we were reminded of the film’s important message because much of Wild Reverence focuses on the struggling winter steelhead populations of the OP’s iconic rivers.

Sadly, the film’s warnings and lessons remain painfully relevant today. But so does its call to protect these wild fish and their home rivers.

To help spread the word, and inspire the restraint necessary to help restore these runs, Shane has generously provided a link where viewers can watch the full-length film for free.

If you haven’t seen it before, or you haven’t watched it in a few years, take time this winter to sit down and listen to the lessons of Wild Reverence.


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