2 thoughts on “Mahseer Fishing in India

  1. The great Mahakali then East Ramganga & Surju rivers that become the Sarda River on its final haul down to Baramdeo and the Indian Plains. That film was almost certainly shot in Sept / October when the river is big and falling after the summer monsoon. Believe I mentioned in an earlier comment here that I had a 42-pounder from a famous junction on the system not many minutews after after my Indian pal Morris, a great mahseer-fisher, had just had a 70-pounder (a complete whacker). There were no river rafts in India when I fished those rivers, the only ones in the region were the Himalayan River Exploration company’s rafts that Lute Jerstad, a 1960s Everest summiteer, had brought all the the way from Oregon to the Trisuli River in Nepal in the late 1970s, so … it was all up major hill and down deepest dale, on foot, and hope you had found s stretch that allowed you to camp a night – fish a day – move downriver, move-pitch your tents, fish down a way, then repeat, and not find yourself blocked by, say, huge cliffs, then have to hike back all the way then back down again! Fish present throughout the system but no-push-over even in what look to be “perfect” river condtions (running like a train, very clear but with maybe just a tiny hint of post-monsoon colour). But then that’s the northern, putitora, Himalayan or Golden mahseer for you – not overkeen to fit in with even your best-laid plans.

  2. I suppose that you like many other European travellers to India in those days would have enjoyed the flora and fauna though. Especially the flora!

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