Olympus TG-6 Review

If there’s one area of the compact camera market that has remained resilient against the threat of smartphones, it’s the rugged or “tough” sector. These cameras can go with you to places that your smartphone would surely perish in, giving you scope to shoot all your adventures – or just day trips to the beach.

Olympus has long been reigning as king in this area, with its very impressive TG-5 being one of the best tough cameras in recent years. The TG-6 is its successor, and while it’s not a huge overhaul, it brings with it some incremental changes that are likely to help it retain its crown.

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4 thoughts on “Olympus TG-6 Review

  1. Tough? Oh yeah. Still shooting my TG-1 after years of abuse. Each new generation of TG is tempting, but I can’t seem to kill my original. (I do miss the RAW in the newer ones, though.) As the article says, the images don’t necessarily measure up to the level of my Nikon, but this baby will go where DSLRs (and smartphones) fear to tread. A solid investment for the non-pro and light traveler.

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