The Klamath’s Salmon Disaster: Why it happened, who’s responsible and what’s needed now


Felice Pace with his take on the record low salmon runs on the Klamath and the resulting sport fishing closures.

To find the real reasons for the Klamath’s current salmon disaster we should look not to the statements of tribal political leaders but to the findings of fish scientists. Those findings are clear: projected low returns of adult salmon to the Klamath River this year are a direct result of a 2013 Biological Opinion on federal water management in the Upper Klamath River Basin. That opinion allowed the US Bureau of Reclamation, which operates the 220,000 acre Klamath Irrigation Project, to cut Klamath River flows in winter and spring in order to maximize the amount of water available for diversion and delivery to irrigators the following summer.

LINK (via; KlamBlog)

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