Fishstarter: A River’s Last Chance Edition

A River's Last Chance

Exploring the legacy of salmon, timber, wine and weed along California’s Eel River and searching for an economic and ecologic balance.

Our brother in arms Shane Anderson just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to finish his latest film, A River’s Last Chance.

Check it out and consider throwing him some support and sharing with your network.

One thought on “Fishstarter: A River’s Last Chance Edition

  1. It occurs to me that Shane should be asking for a very large contribution from the producers of Humboldt OG, Blue Dream etc (both leaf crop and their several dollars a pop seed, as those guys not only take a lot of water from the Eel and its feeders, but sure can afford it. Google “Humboldt County Strains”, and you will see what I mean. I did just now and learned just now that there is a “Seed Company” operating in a small warehouse just three miles from my western edge of London (UK) home selling Humboldt seed – pack of three for £23.50 Sterling plus postage. That is very good money for three tiny beans. Payback time, fellas.

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