Joe Exotic Fly Fisherman

One major detail that didn’t make it into the smash Netflix hit the Tiger King is that Joseph Maldonado-Passage, AKA Joe Exotic, loved to fly fish. According to an interview in Outside Magazine, Joe is ecstatic about his fame but disappointed his love of fly fishing didn’t make it into the series. “When you’re risking your life every day managing man-eating cats, meth, murder, and mayhem, there’s nothing better than some quality time on the water with the buggy whip” said Exotic from his Oaklahoma prison cell.

In addition to fishing for bass in the waters of Oaklahoma, and before heading to prison, Joe said he also enjoyed chasing saltwater species on the flats. “You know there’s nothing more like a Cheetah chasing a dog from the local pound than a bonefish on an eight weight,” said Exotic. Joe said his collection of cats also provided him with some primo materials for fly tying. “Yeah, when I’m not lip-syncing to someone else’s country music, I love to tie flies,”  Joe said.  He added polar bear is shit compared to white tiger, and a clouser tied with tiger tail will outfish any other fly on the planet.

Joe has only one hope to get back on the water. He’s appealed to President Trump, saying he deserves a pardon for being the only thing to distract the nation from the coronapocalypse.


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