Digital Iron Fly

Pig Farm Ink and Vedavoo Gear are leading a digital 4-week fly tying challenge

Each week, a new tying challenge will be presented. Anyone who wants to participate will be able to by tying flies and posting them to their Instagram account.

Submissions must be posted to Instagram on Wednesday or Thursday each week. On Friday morning, two winners will be announced from the submissions received.

The fine print:

  • Must be following @pigfarmink and all sponsors
  • Must tag @pigfarmink and all sponsors on submission
  • Must use hashtag #OnlineIronFly

On Friday evening  beginning at 9PM EST  the two winners will compete in a LIVE tying challenge. The details for this challenge will be announced at the beginning of the challenge, and will be known ONLY by those organizing the event beforehand.

Each week a panel of judges from the industry will select the winner.

Weekly winners will get a prize pack from a group of small businesses affected by the current CORVID-19 crisis.

In week four, the three winners will be presented with a final challenge on Wednesday and must submit their final flies by Wednesday at Midnight EST. The online community will then vote on their favorite flies  narrowing the field to two competitors who will face off in the final live challenge.

The overall winner of the four weeks will receive the title and trophy, a one-of-a-kind piece we are helping to coordinate – a one-of-a-kind bag with the event logo artwork by Matt Stockton chain-stitched onto the piece by Pumpkinseed Chainstitch.

Here is your April 1st-April 3rd challenge.

SPONSORSVedavoo, Rising, Firehole Outdoors, Rods Reels & Heels, Matt Stockton
CHALLENGE –  A fly tied with things found in the Bathroom
JUDGES – Andrea Larko, Abbie Schuster, Paula Shearer (others possible)



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