One thought on “TBT: History of Abu Garcia Reels ~ Ambassadeur Reel History

  1. Bring me head of Abu Garcia….

    Ah yes, my couple of early, just plain “ABU Sweden” for us Brits in that Saabs and stripped pine furniture and incredibly hot blonde au pairs late 1960s time, Ambassadeur 5000s were sold off many years ago … But the early 1970s to early 1980s, 6000C, 7000 and 10000c models are still in a box of old reels in a cupboard here somewhere … because they once caught me some whacking great South Indian mahseer and never fell apart however much line was being super-quick ripped from them, testing both their drags and the remaining skin on my spool-touching thumb. It’d’ve been a shame to have got rid of such faithful old servants and fishing friends… They’ll still be as perfectly usable as the day they went into storage though, for being great examples of fine, Swedish post-War engineering, made before the firm outsourced production abroad and started using “tinny” materials in its reels, they were not made with “built-in obsolescence” or “all things [must] fall apart” in two years so they’ve got to buy another one in mind.

    Great firm in its, long ago and farway now, heyday.

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