Duck Camp Launches 1st Performance Angling Apparel Collection for 2020

Duck Csmp

Duck Camp, the cast-and-blast brand devoted to creating premium outdoor gear that will withstand the test of time in the field, delivers warm-weather performance and protection in its 2020 seasonal fishing collection, consisting of breathable button-up shirts, technical shorts, and lightweight pants, among other pieces. Inspired equally by bonefishing in the Caribbean and chasing monster trout, Duck Camp, the revered Austin, Texas-based apparel-maker, designed its first-ever Spring Fishing Line to perform on the water and on the town.


2 thoughts on “Duck Camp Launches 1st Performance Angling Apparel Collection for 2020

  1. All this stuffs starting to look the same and all made with dumpy materials and fit . Why do you need camo EVERYTHINg? So the big bad redfish can’t see you?

    1. @Ryan I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this line of clothing. Materials are quite the opposite of dumpy – Bamboo + lightweight and breathable nylon. Also, the fit is one of the reason Duck Camp started up – to improve on the terrible boxy cut fishing shirts. Check out the goods on and some of the reviews for testimonials.

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