Here come the hipster fly fishermen

fly fisherman

One of the reasons why urban fly fishing is now very much in vogue is the city’s waterways are the cleanest they have been in decades. After years of having the life strangled out of them during the industrial booms of the 19th and 20th centuries, rivers such as the Calder in West Yorkshire, the Goyt in Stockport and the Wandle in South London are now teeming with fish – and the aquatic insects that sustain them.

As a result, a different breed of fly fisherman has emerged; one more likely to wear skinny jeans and beanie hats than splash-proof trousers that unzip at the knee. The sport is now gaining traction among a younger generation, with far more women also taking it up.

LINK (via: The Telegraph)

2 thoughts on “Here come the hipster fly fishermen

  1. Okay…

    So, some new kidz on the block….

    Who will very quickly move on to Artisanal English Gin making or Handkitted Bespoke Halloumi Carriers once the mostly awful British weather and non-friendly skunky local urban ferals have taken the shine off this Next New Thing.

    Apologies for my apparent cynicsm, guys, but I have been fishing uncool urban (plus some, albeit briefly, far prettier, altogether more far-flung places) for all but four and a half years of my life, so have seen a lot of stuff come and go, usually to the lasting detriment of the very thing that the latest intake (remember the Maclean Movie fall-out?) had been been told was the New Gee Whizz Cool Thing To Do, post Irony, Gaming, Big Oily Beards, Steampunk, legal Colorado Weed Farms etc.

    Retreats to his no-show Mean Streets bunker and bolts down the anti-Terminator hatch.

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