Fly Fishing the Pristine Flats of the Seychelles

In the Loop Magazine’s latest film is a poignant and inspiring tale of family, adventure, and fishing. Join Jon Pageler as he journeys to Farquhar Atoll with his sister and dad, driven by a heartfelt mission to catch a giant trevally in honor of his cousin Chuck, who tragically passed away from Covid-19 before the trip – and learn more about Farquhar Atoll and its pristine flats fishery along the way.

One thought on “Fly Fishing the Pristine Flats of the Seychelles

  1. It could be, but if it was for sure I’d have kept it.

    It doesn’t have strong enough indicators that are giveaways of a hybrid, specifically no white fin tips. I’d be willing to bet a game warden would call it a Cutthroat so I will too 😉

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