A BIG WIN for Striped Bass!

From the American Saltwater Guides Association:

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Management Commission’s Striped Bass Board approved two historic actions to conserve the prolific 2015-year class and to improve the probability of rebuilding the striped bass stock by 2029. The Board initiated Addendum II and enacted an Emergency Action, which will implement a 28-31” slot for the entire coast effective as soon as possible and no later than July 2nd, 2023. Development of Addendum II will progress throughout the summer, but the included language has great promise. Had the Board not acted today, the odds of rebuilding would have remained unacceptably low at around 11-15% due to the dramatic increase in recreational harvest in 2022. While the road to striped bass recovery is still long, the Board’s strong conservation-minded action today can give the entire striped bass community hope that this stock will rebuild and that the Board can make the hard but necessary decisions to manage striped bass.

ASGA is incredibly thankful for the thousands of anglers, brands, and fishing guides who spoke up for the stock’s health and called on the Striped Bass Board to take action. The Striped Bass Board was not required to make any changes today—the Board’s action today represents an incredible moment for conserving and effectively managing the striped bass fishery.

“The conservation community spoke, and our voice was heard”, said Tony Friedrich, ASGA’s VP, and Policy Director. “Fisheries management is a long, arduous process. Science informed us there was little chance of rebuilding the stock under the current system. We unified the community with one voice that demanded a better future for the resource and our children. Thanks to every angler, brand, and guide who spoke up and to the conservation-minded Striped Bass Board members who voted for the health of the resource.”

One thought on “A BIG WIN for Striped Bass!

  1. this is how you save fish!……solar panels and windmills won’t save a single fish. Well done!

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