Fishpond QuikShot Rod Holder

The closest thing to having a full time rod caddie on the water with you. A pack of GT’s at 2 o’clock 120’ out and they are coming in hot! Get that bonefish rod out of your hand and grab the 12wt that is neatly tucked onto the side of your pack. With the flip of the FidLock®, the switch has been made and it’s time to strip line, make the shot, and do battle. Having the right tool for the job when you need it is crucial for success. This is why we have designed a clean system that keeps your fully rigged rods fully secured, at the ready, and completely out of your way while fishing. From your favorite trout stream to far-off angling destinations, we have your success in mind. Anglers can have the Quick Shot be an easily removable system or semi permanently attach it to the four way for those who know they will always bring two rods down to the river.

LINK (via: Fishpond)

2 thoughts on “Fishpond QuikShot Rod Holder

  1. Cool gadget. Wait, is the rod broken down? And what happened to the rod in hand? I wanna see him get that mofo out with a pack of GTs “coming in hot” and actually put it together and get a shot off.
    If you’re seriously fishing geets on the flats, that’s all you should be doing and have the rod in hand with enough line out to quick load. My experience is that you literally have seconds.

  2. Someone get this guy a belt… Kinda cool but I’d have a hard time buying what is probably a $200 bag and then have to zip tie it to keep it together! Does it come with duct tape too?

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