Final Friday Pin Up

All good things come to end, so after more than a decade of gracing every Friday edition of the Chum, it’s time to pull the plug on the Friday Pin Up.

We’ll be replacing the pin up with a new feature called  Stay Fly Friday, a partnership with our friends at Loon that includes a tasty pairing of a sexy fly and a delicious cocktail. We hope you dig it.


20 thoughts on “Final Friday Pin Up

  1. It wouldn’t be too damning a personal revelation to say that I still have the above “Watching and Waiting on The Flats” photo somewhere in an old Miscellaneous Angling Pictures folder, would it?

  2. No more Friday pin ups, what a sad day. Even Modlychum has folded to the politically correct. Shame on you.

  3. Definitely disappointed but oh well. Always started my Friday morning of great. I like the new idea but not sure why in a world of unwanted compromises, we can’t have both.

  4. I am very glad to see this decision. Women in fly fishing deserve to be more than a “Friday Pin-Up.” I am relieved you are making this decision on a personal level as we start to see our daughters, mothers, and wives being taken more seriously as fly fishers and not simply as something to look at or tag along. It is exciting to watch this sport we love so much grow in inclusivity as we embrace people from other social circles and walks of life. Its hard to generalize and there is certainly nothing wrong with pictures of beautiful women fly fishing, but I believe posts like this have alienated people who can contribute to the legacy of community and conservation we are all building together.



    1. Rarely were these women of flyfishing, it was more of hot women holding a fly rod. Let’s not take ourselves too serious here, Friday Pinups was awesome!! I’m disappointed it’s gone. What a shame!

  5. Ya know. I think it was a great way to start my Friday. Always clicked on the Chum and went to it.
    Visually appealing. But also felt oddly misogynistic about it.
    Glad it’s time has come.
    Will miss it.

  6. Sad to see you fold under the fear of the Political Correctness Nazis. The Chum needs an infusion of testosterone.

  7. Bravo…Courage; Decency; The Over-Abundance of Exploitation; Just Time to Move On; whatever the reason, your site is progressive in its defense of wild places, wild fish and public lands. You are an advocate for the voiceless on so many levels that this decision is a logical and necessary step in a much needed direction. I commend your decision; your courage to speak for so many and so much is hardly “politically correct.” Rather it is political in the way that Democracy is intended. Again, Bravo.

  8. I have followed this site for 8+ years at this point, and it seems to become more and more politically charged every week. After a few dudes as the Friday Pin Up, I knew this site had succumbed to the facade of the left. While their policy on conservation and public lands has merit, a little balls when it comes to putting girls in bikinis with fly rods in their hands once a week would be nice. Oh well, back to the Drake boards…..

  9. To my mind, however you feel about the non-political correctness of Great Pieces of Angling Ass, I believe it’s very important not to get all high and mighty, outraged and campaigning and taking to the barricades, Right v Left and Gender political and, above all, “I don’t talk to such terrible people” Tribal about this and a lot of other stuff now. Go down this route and rub-along-together-pretty-okay despite our many differences vitaql Community is lost. Not to mention something just as important to life and living – a sense of humour (that’s ‘humor’ to you guys, being a Brit I perversely spell the word differently than you).

    So, it’s back to fish and flies for me. Still got Watching and Waiting on The Flats on a seldom-visited drive somewhere here, though … “They can’t take that away from me”, as Fred once crooned to Ginger….

  10. Wow. The only thing that made this site any different from the venturing angler is now gone. y’all suck. Since when is it a bad thing to be a hottie that fishes in a bathing suit.

  11. You trade Friday Pin-Up for a coconut flavored martini recipe and expect the masses to not rise up??? Surely you jest…is it April 1st??

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