Extended Play – The Ethan Parsons Story

The story of Ethan Parsons is a tale of the human spirit and the power of positivity.

Ethan suddenly lost the use of his lower body as a teenager due to a rare medical condition. Facing the very real prospect of not surviving a series of surgeries presented as the only option to alleviate his paralysis, Ethan decided to learn to live with the cards life dealt.

Fly fishing has become a saving grace for Ethan as he returns to the water and the sport he loves in this triumphant story.

The journey covers four fisheries brand new to Ethan. Five days of fishing lead to several species including; smallmouth, pike, rainbows, browns and even lahontan cutties.

Ethan’s contagious spirit will steal your heart and his message is one that transcends the sport of fly fishing.

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