One thought on “Euro Nymphing – FLY CHOICE with Russell Miller

  1. The American Navy (was it?) coined an expression with an accompanying acronym a long long time ago – “Keep It Simple, Stupid”, aka K.I.S.S.

    Never more the case when it comes to seemingly now must-do Euro Nymphing, something that I was introduced to by various European fishers (French, Spanish, Austrian, Czech and Polish) when fishing their waters for fun during various holidays from the early-mid 1980s onwards.

    A plethora of box-filling nymph patterns might appeal to and impress other Anglers but not so much the fish. Far better to think “Just a VERY few patterns tied in every (18 up to 10 or so) size and bead size / weight (both slotted beads for jighooks and countersunk ones with small standard, curved / grub and 2x long nymph hooks) FISHED VERY WELL”.

    Almost any good beadhead will do well when you have learned how to fish / present them pretty well in the appropriate type of water.

    And don’t forget your “old” now abandoned, so yesterday, 9-foot 4- or 5-weight and floating line and dries and nymphs in your rush to Do The New Euro – to my mind, they’re just as effective and much more fun fish.

    Boote out.

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