2021 Satellite Images of Our Changing Planet

Lake Mead on the Nevada-Arizona border in August 2000 (left) and August 2021 (right). NASA

NASA’s Earth Observatory regularly publishes striking satellite images of our rapidly changing planet, from the massive fires in Greece and California to the historic floods in China and the Netherlands. These photos document the ways human beings are remaking the planet, both by building dams, cities, and farms, and by fueling climate change, which, in turn, is spurring more drought, wildfires, floods, and other disasters. See how the Earth has changed in images taken over the past year.

LINK (via Yale 360)

One thought on “2021 Satellite Images of Our Changing Planet

  1. Reminder: Mother Nature acts on a timescale of millennia. Anybody can find anomalies to generate fear and soak the taxpayer for more money.

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