Busting Myths about the Klamath Dam Removal

Copco #1 dam. Photo: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Mike Belchik, the senior fisheries biologist with the Yurok Tribe, joins Gang Green to give an update on the Klamath dam removal (spoiler: it’s on track to be completed by 2024!) and helps resolve a number of myths concerning the Klamath dams that you might see shared on social media.

LINK (via: Lost Coast Outpost)

One thought on “Busting Myths about the Klamath Dam Removal

  1. With Copco coming out I can give away the secret….Fishing below Copco #2 (the photo is of #2 not #1) is amazing during May…but ONLY when the electrical turbines are on. See, there’s perch fry in Copco lake and those guys are little in May. The turbines go on, the little guys get sucked into the turbines and spit out below the dam. The fish below the dam – steelhead genetics – go wild and you’ll need some big gear to bring ’em in…no 5x tippet here! Only problem is that you never know when the turbines will be on and the fishing sucks when they’re off.

    Good luck!

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