Book of the Week Wednesday: Mink River

Another installment of BOTWW courtesy of Dylan Tomine.

Mink River by Brian Doyle, Oregon State University Press

Here, we diverge from fishing non-fiction to something else entirely: A novel. Oh man, where to start? This is the story of a small town on the north coast of Oregon and the characters and critters who live there. It’s a boy and his bike, a tough, beautiful young woman mechanic, two old men who man the Department of Public Works, which, to them, means focusing on the emotional well being of citizens, and a talking crow. I am not a fan of magic realism or creative punctuation, but here, the measured amounts of both work to create a gorgeous world, and a testament to Doyle’s humanity, empathy and grace. The story resonates with love in every sense of the word. A truly uplifting book, and the perfect antidote for the times we find ourselves in. Read it and feel good!

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